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JINTEMEI is Xiang Xing Fire Proof Board Factory product brand name, a new generation of High Quality, Fire Resistant, Water Resistant and Harmless Green Decoration Material. JINTEMEI gained excellent Product Quality recognition by new and existing customers.
The products are sold to Europe, America, Middle East, Russia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
JINTEMEI is made of high quality inorganic non-combustible materials (mineral resources Magnesium Oxide and marine chemical products) as raw material, alkali free glass fiber reinforced, and filled with light refractory material and chemical additive, integrate with local and abroad most advance production processes. It not only has all the functions of wood boards, In addition it also has functions such as fire resistant, water resistant, mothproof, acid and alkali resistant etc. And, this product does not contain asbestos and other harmful substances and radioactive elements, is the latest environmental protectionfire decoration materials.
With more public awareness and understanding of its product superiority, non-flammable fireproof boards will replace other boards rapidly, becoming the most popular decorative boards in the market.
The physical and chemical properties of JINTEMEI board, decided its very wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for indoor ceiling, ceiling and wall decoration of large shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, entertainment buildings, vehicles, ships and houses. It can beautify the environment, protect and conserve limited natural resources.
Because product itself is a kind of fire resistant and mildew resistant material. hence it is widely used by many designers and construction technicians in buildings for vaious applications, especially for interior decoration such as partition wall and lamp ceiling, fire resistant door and kitchen door.
Products Approved by The National Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems And Fire-resistant Components Quality Supervision And Inspection Center; combustion performance adhere to Standard GB8624A, and also approved by the Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing meeting the JC688--1998 standards. The fire resistance of the product in more than 2 hours, exceeding the limit, the product starts powder but not flammable, smokeless.