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Xiang Xing Fire Proof Board
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Xiang Xing FireProof Board

New Environmentally Friendly Fire Resistant Decoration Materials

Heat Insulation
Its Insulation Performance,6X of glass,
3X of clay,10X of normal concrete .
Fire Resistant
This Fire Resistance Board Able to Withstand Fire for 2 Hours,Exceeding the Limit,the board starts Powderized but Not Flammable,Smokeless.
Sound Absorption
Wit Its Different Thickness, can Reduce Noise by 30 To 50 db; Light Board Series of Internal Composition Materials(EPS Polystyrene Particles)has Good Sound Insulation and Sound Absorption Function.
Economical And Practical
Can Increase the Use of Board Area, Reduce the Cost of Foundation, Shorten the Construction Reriod,Reduce Heating,Air Conditioning costs to a chieve Energy-Saving Effect.
Good Durability
JINTEMEI is an Inorganic Non-flammable Material that does not have the issue of aging and is a Durable Material. Its application life span are comparable to any other permanent structures material.
Easy Construction
Product Size is Accurate, Light Weight, Greatly Reducing Input of Manpower and Resources. Used of Dry Construction Method during Installation of Board, Process is Simple, High Efficiency, Can Effectively Shorten the Construction Period.
High-quality Green Decorative Board for Design, Landscaping and Living Environment
Independent Brand, Trustworthy
JINTEMEI Fire Proof Board is A New Generation of High Quality and Competitive Price of New Fire Resistant, Water Resistant and Harmless Green Decoration Material;
Co-operate With International Advanced Environmental Protection Organizations And Scientific Research Institutes to Introduce Innovations;
Integration of Domestic and International Most Advanced Production Processes;
Use of High-quality Inorganic Non-combustible Materials (Mineral Resources and Marine Chemical Products) as Core Material.
Professional Team, Efficient Service
Plant Covers An Area of 30,000 Square meter, With More Than 10 Senior Engineers And Experts;
We Believe In "Not the Best, Only Become Better," Strict Product Quality Control.
Strength, Quality Certification
Products Approved by The National Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems And Fire-resistant Components Quality Supervision And Inspection Center;
Products Inspected by Product, Quality Supervision, Inspection And Testing Center complying JC688--1988 Standards;
Is One of the Medium-sized Green, Energy Savings Building Materials Suppliers who consolidate Domestics Sales, Research And Development in same premises.
Improve The Service System
Professional After-sales Service Team, Caring Service, Dedicate to Solve Your Problem;
To Provide Our Clients With Quality Products, Comprehensive Service, Affordable Prices.
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  Xiang Xing Fire Proof Board Factory was founded in 2002, located in Dongguan City Wanjiang Guangdong Pearl River delta. Near to Northern Guangzhou and Shenzhen Highway, both land and water transportation are convenient and accessible. The factory covers an area of 30000 square meters, has the leading technology in the industry, and produces 3 million square meters of various pieces of boards annually. It is one of the earliest private enterprise........【+MORE】

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