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How should we buy fire prevention boards?

Because of its gorgeous colors, many patterns, wearable, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, waterproof and moistureproof, fire prevention board has become the leading product of the cupboard market, and has been selected and accepted by more and more families.
The selection of the fire board cabinet board should be paid attention to in the following aspects.
The characteristics of high quality fire prevention board: 1, clear and clear design, realistic effect, strong three-dimensional sense; 2, no color difference; 3, smooth and wear-resistant surface.
Characteristics of excellent substrate: 1, density plate formaldehyde content is not exceeding standard; 2, woodworking board without gap see section; 3, smooth surface, better density. The special attention is to see whether the door plate is deformed when buying.
The commercial regenerated density plate is used as the base material to produce the cabinet plate, the door plate is very easy to deform, and the self tapping wire connecting the hinge is easy to fall off. Whether imported or domestic fire board material cabinet plate, due to the production of factory production quality and technological level are different, the customer purchase must check whether a provincial and municipal quality inspection departments of the "furniture product quality certificate", in order to prevent adverse products bring risks to your family life.