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What are the advantages of the fireproof partition wall?

environmental protection
The use of raw materials does not contain harmful substances to the human body, no radioactive a product, in line with the national GB/T9978-2008 standard.
Fire prevention
The fire resistance limit of 1000 degrees Celsius is more than 4 hours, and no toxic gas is distributed, and the non combustible property has reached the national a standard.
Increase the area of house use
The partition board is divided into inner wall and outer wall, and the partition board of the inner wall can fully enlarge the space of the house.
Good integrity
Because of the fabricated construction, the structure of the body is three in one, the plate and the plate are connected into a whole, the impact resistance is strong, and the steel structure method is used for anchoring, the wall strength is high, and it can make the interval wall with high storey and large span, and the overall seismic performance is more than that of the ordinary masonry wall. Shun State composite wall partition wall system structure is tight, integrity, no deformation, wall surface is not easy to loose, good earthquake resistance.
Moistureproof and waterproof
Experiments show that the wall panels can be cemented into pools and filled with water without any waterproof facing. The back of the wall can keep dry without leaving traces, and there will not be condensation droplets in wet weather. The panel of the partition board is a professional waterproof board with good waterproof and moistureproof performance. It can be used in wet areas such as kitchen, toilet, basement and so on.
sound insulation
With good sound insulation effect, the effect of noise in line with national residential noise requirements, much higher than other brick wall sound insulation effect.
Simple and quick construction
Completely dry work, assembly construction, wall panels can be arbitrarily cut to adjust the width, length. The construction of transportation, simple stacked health, without mortar plaster, greatly shorten the construction period, and material loss rate low, reduce construction waste.
Heat insulation and heat preservation
The manufacturing process of the partition board determines a good heat insulation and heat preservation function to make your indoor environment more comfortable.
Strong suspending force
Composite wall panels can be directly nailing or upper expansion bolts to hang heavy objects, and the faceplate of the wall panels is smooth and smooth, which does not produce dust. It can directly paste ceramic tile, wallpaper, wood veneer and other materials for finishing treatment.
The construction is simple and convenient, reducing labor intensity, speeding up construction progress and saving total cost of engineering, meeting the requirements of different customers for indoor and outdoor environment of modern buildings.