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What are the classification of fire prevention boards?

The fireproof board is a fireproof building material for surface decoration, and the fireproof board is base paper (titanium powder paper and kraft paper). After being impregnated with melamine and phenolic resin, it is made by high temperature and high pressure.
1, mineral wool board, glass wool board: mainly in mineral wool, glass wool insulation. It has no combustion and high temperature performance and light weight, but its disadvantages are: (1) short fiber will cause harm to human respiratory system; second, plate strength is poor; third, the barrier property of sheet to fire smoke spread is poor. Therefore, the board has evolved into the most inorganic adhesive material as base material, mineral wool, glass wool as reinforcement plate.
2, cement board: the strength of the cement plate is high, and the source is wide. It is used for ceiling and wall of fire, but the fire performance is poor, easy to burst in the fire perforation, lose the protective effect and its application was limited. Cement concrete members have good insulation and sound insulation, which can be used as partition walls and roof panels. Fiber reinforced cement boards and other improved varieties have emerged in the building materials market. They have the advantages of high strength and good fire resistance, but their toughness is poor, alkalinity is large, and decoration effect is poor.
3, stone plate, plate, vermiculite perlite cenosphere: low alkalinity cement as base material, glass beads, perlite, vermiculite as filling filling materials, hollow sheet and then add some additives made. The utility model has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good toughness, fireproof and heat insulation, and convenient construction. It can be widely applied to the non bearing parts of high-rise frame buildings, such as sub compartment, household, toilet, kitchen and communication tube.
4, fireproof plaster board: since the fire resistance of plaster is widely accepted, the fireproof board with gypsum as the base material has developed very quickly. The main components of the plate are not flammable and contain crystal water, and the fire resistance is good. It can be used as partition wall, ceiling and roof panel, etc. The material is rich in raw material and is convenient for the factory to make the production. In use, it is lighter in weight, it can lighten building bearing capacity, and is easy to process, sawn and planed, convenient for construction and good decoration, but its bending resistance is poor. There are many factors that affect the fire resistance of gypsum board, such as composition, type of plate, keel type, thickness of plate, stuffing and assembling method in air layer. In recent years, there have been new varieties of silica calcium gypsum fiber board, double-sided sticker plaster fire prevention board and so on.
5, calcium silicate fiber board: building material with lime, silicate and inorganic fiber reinforced materials as the main raw material, has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and heat resistance, good durability, workability and construction of good performance, mainly for the production of the ceiling, wall as well as the fire protection materials of steel column and steel beam. But the strength and bending properties of the plate still need to be improved.
6, magnesium oxychloride fireproof board: it belongs to magnesium oxychloride cement product. It is made of magnesia cementitious material as main body, glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material and lightweight thermal insulation material as filler. It can meet the requirement of non combustibility, and it is a new environmental friendly plank.