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Which industries are the main applications of the wind pipe?

The wind pipe is a pipe system used for air transportation and distribution. The wind pipe can be classified according to the shape and material of the cross section. According to the section shape, the wind pipe can be divided into circular duct, rectangular duct, a variety of flat air pipe, wherein the circular duct resistance minimum maximum height, making complex. Since the launch of the market, the wind pipe has been widely used in the following five industries because of its excellent performance and low action cost.
1, ventilation system: send fresh air and exhaust, the harmful gas out of the outdoor, the outdoor air to the indoor air. In general, the galvanized wind pipe is used, and the stainless steel pipe is used in the corrosive and particularly damp places.
2, air conditioning system: the wind pipe can be attached to thermal insulation material, beautiful appearance.
3, smoke exhaust system: kitchen, restaurant, hotel kitchen has a large number of smoke produced, need to be drained, the use of air duct is suitable, good strength, economical and practical.
4. Dust removal system: collection and transportation of dust removal devices, ventilation pipes can be used.
5, bulk material transport: pneumatic conveying system, some finer loose material particles, can be transported by the wind pipe, low cost, good effect.