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What is the difference between the quality and the quality of the fire prevention board?

1, see: the surface of the high quality fireproof board should be smooth and smooth without defects. The thickness of the board core is uniform from side to side. If we want to see whether there is overlap or off core phenomenon in Blockboard or multilayer board, A FireBoard is the best base plate with a density plate. It can keep the long smoothness of the fireproofing board. In general there is no difference between a fireproof plate texture is artificial veneer veneer, dyed veneer, just at the time of the selection, dipped in water, gently rub, fade is dyed; natural veneer appearance, each plate texture is not consistent, but the natural beauty, not the same appropriate.
2, touch: touch the surface of blockboard, laminated timber and multi-layer board by hand. The high quality plate should be dry, smooth, and transverse touch without wave shape, indicating low moisture content and good flatness.
3, Wen: if you put it in a nostril, you can smell it. If the blockboard smells fragrant, it means that the formaldehyde content is low. If the smell is pungent, it means that the formaldehyde content is high.
4, check: check all kinds of products, such as whether the official manufacturer's trademark, factory certificate, production address, after-sales service telephone, anti fake sign, environmental label, formaldehyde emission and bonding strength value.
5, price: do not greedy for the price of fire prevention board, it is recommended to choose some brand products with certain popularity and approved by various authorities of the state. The United States fomica may be slightly more expensive, the price of domestic brand can fire board a low point, but the production equipment and raw materials used are imported, so the quality can be assured!