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Product introduction and parameters of glass and magnesium compound wind pipe

Glass magnesium composite wind pipe is mainly used in construction, decoration, fire and other fields, especially suitable for restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and other crowded places decoration and basements, civil air defense and mine wet environment engineering, magnesium board products replace all kinds of plywood, MDF, particle board, gypsum board and so on. The update, which belongs to the National Interior Decoration Association recommended green building materials. The glass and magnesium composite air pipes are tested by the national building materials testing center, the national fixed fire extinguishing system and the fire resistant component quality supervision and testing center. The physical properties meet the technical requirements of qualified products in the JC/T646-2006 standard, and the combustion performance reaches GB8624A level.
Product parameters:
1, fire protection grade (GB8624-1997: a grade no building materials;
2, bulk density 280-320kg/ cubic meters (25mm;
3. The water absorption of the product is less than 20.6%.
4, the thermal conductivity of the product: at room temperature 24.5 degrees centigrade, the thermal conductivity of the product is less than 0.027/V/M? K;
5, the flexural strength of the product is more than 1.8Mpa.
6, corrosion resistance of products: in 0.04moi/L hydrochloric acid for 24h, no significant changes in the surface, 2.5moI/L water soluble sodium hydroxide for 72h surface showed no obvious change in 0.68moI/L water soluble sodium hydroxide for 72h surface had no obvious change, soaked in the aqueous solution of sodium 72H had no obvious change;
7. The ventilation pressure is less than or equal to 3000pa.
8. The product meets the standard
Meet the requirements of GB50243-2002 "the scope of acceptance of the quality of ventilation and air conditioning engineering construction";
Meet the requirements of GBJ16-87 "code for fire protection of architectural design";
Meet the requirements of GBJ19-87 "standard for design of heating and ventilation and air conditioning";
Meet the requirements of JGJ26-95 "energy saving design standards for civil buildings";
Meet the requirements of GBJ304-88 "quality inspection and evaluation standard for ventilation and air conditioning engineering".