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Application field of fireproof plywood

In the building material market, we can see that the plywood based material can be processed for two times, and the fireproof plywood is made of plywood as the base material and pasted on the surface of the fireproof board, pressed by it. It has the characteristics of fire-retardant and flame retardant, and the surface texture is rich. The next little edited for everyone to introduce, the use of fireproof plywood.
Fireproof plywood is a kind of plate made of adhesive on the surface of plywood base material and hot pressing after putting on the fireproof plate. Because the fireproof board is made of decorative paper, kraft paper, melamine and phenolic resin adhesive, it is made by high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the sheet made of fireproof board has good fire resistance, fire resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, waterproof and smoke burning, and easy to clean. This kind of fireproof plywood is often used for interior decoration. And this article to mention, is also the application of interior decoration.
1. Fireproof plywood used in furniture manufacturing
Today, the forest coverage rate is reduced, wood resources, wood furniture, the price is very expensive, but good looks and solid wood furniture is a lot of people to pursue. As a new type of environmental protection building material, fireproofing plywood has rich and colorful textures. It is used for making furniture veneers. It is very beautiful, durable and quite popular.
2. Application of decorative arts and crafts
Some fire-retardant plywood is made of natural wood skin or very characteristic wooden skin. This kind of fireproof plywood can show mysterious and unique color. It is very suitable for making handicrafts, such as picture frame and picture frame.
3. Application of fireproof plywood to partition and wall
The wall design similar to the TV wall, the background wall, the partition and so on, is a common landscape in modern home decoration. Fireproof plywood has obvious advantages in this aspect. It has many kinds of surface texture and color, and has rich decorative effect. It also has many physical properties and is very durable.