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Fire door - a forerunner to block the size of a fire

About the fire knowledge in China has spread widely, this is because the fire damage is too big, but even so because of various reasons, there are still many operators do not pay attention to fire prevention, it can often be seen in public places in the fire of all kinds in news reports, this is undoubtedly a on the prevention of fire with deep hatred and resentment, the best way is to use different types of fire prevention materials and tools, the fire missed the head without spreading way, then I will introduce this kind of fire doors in public places is to promote the use of a wide range of fire apparatus.
The fire door is a kind of special door, its main role is not theft, but fire, the material used is very high purity steel, this material does not burn in the fire, you can effectively put under control, and according to the statistics of most of the casualties in the fire occurred because the smoke makes people breathe and blocked because of too much inhalation of toxic substances or suffocation caused by death, in the face of this situation first, people should use a wet cloth to cover your mouth and nose and breathe as far as possible in the lower position, allowing the toxic substances into the large reduction in time if there is a special door for the fire should be quickly pulled down, to ensure that the smoke will not enter the unburned the fire space, further rescue or distress. Have to say is because many businesses are not willing to put fire and refused to install fire door, the fire is difficult to control, it is not the right way, to know the life safety of people is much higher than that of a gate value, even if not consider life, can also use fire appliances let the economic loss can be controlled very well in the fire, so advise each responsible for the installation of the fire apparatus in public places for, especially some concentrated flammable places