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What are the basic processes for the perlite fireproof door core

1. Selection: select the suitable expanded perlite material as the main material, choose the suitable material to be the skeleton, choose the binder which can meet the testing requirements as the bonding material.
2. Mixing material: add the binder to the perlite, stir and spare through a special special agitator.
3, pressure: put the material into the mold or the core frame, pressure,
4, out of the mold: out of the film, natural drying, packaging is the finished product.
The fire door core plate of the expanded perlite is divided into three generation products.
The first generation perlite fireproof door core plate is made of a certain number of water glass, or glass water, that is, N sodium silicate, by hot pressing. Due to the high temperature and hot pressing of 200-300 degrees Celsius, the production cycle is long and the production efficiency is low, so the cost is high and the environment is polluted in the process of production.
The second generation of expanded perlite fireproof door core board, the general trial magnesite cement materials, perlite as binder, can also be used to reduce the foam door core board weight.
Because of the first generation of adhesive glue used as binder in the perlite board main body sodium silicate and second generation perlite board glue used is Magnesium Oxide and magnesium chloride (brine), namely magnesite cement materials belong to alkali metal salts, when the perlite plate made of the moisture absorption after the alkali metal salt of sodium ion and magnesium ion activity cation replacement reaction, and metal molecule metal corrosion, high temperature flame burning will produce toxic chlorine gas. As the fire door core, the door core will rust and damage the door body, natural "rotten door from the heart", so that the life of the fire door doubly shortens. If we add urea formaldehyde resin, polyester, protein, building glue, 107 or 801 glue as binder, some will naturally release poison. Others will produce toxic gas through combustion, which is not in conformity with the requirements of compulsory inspection.
Even with the coated steel - such as galvanized steel, also from the keyhole, hinge, skeleton, welding, and other parts of the operation touch scratch began to rot, especially damp in the rainy season and coastal areas and other regions should be absolutelyprohibited. Because the fire complete door is a durable daily building consumer goods, the durability of the door is an important indicator, so it is very important to choose the binder.
Most of the perlite fireproof door core board on the market is the first and second generation plate, although it is also called the third generation perlite fireproof door core board.
The third generation of perlite fireproof door core board, the inorganic bonding materials as the main raw material, strong adhesion, fast curing speed of cold pressed (cold pressed a minute half curing and demoulding displacement), manufactured goods of high strength, small thermal conductivity, bulk density, moderate hydrophobicity, good acid and alkali resistance, salt resistance, resistance to freezing and thawing high temperature, noise damping elastic, fire-retardant insulation, no black smoke, high temperature drying berkelium flame gas after Gaoming (with GB/T20285 - 2006 standard), product performance and stability, fire resistance after filling to achieve the A1 level, in full compliance with the GB12955 2008 "fire doors" standard, and simple process, batch turnover small, high labor productivity, less occupied site, double save staff wages, cost, which belongs to the environmental protection model of fire shutter filling, fire door industry special filling material is aluminum silicate binder. Products of cotton, wool, glass plate, water perlite foaming magnesite cement perlite board update.
The third generation of expanded perlite fireproof door core board, belonging to the non ion type binder, a neutral state does not react with metal replacement molecules, and make every particle is coated perlite, adhesive film its high resistance to water, hindering the surge absorption properties of perlite, the metal contact will not cause corrosion and prolong the fire the door of life. Therefore, it is very popular with the enterprise of fire safety door.