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What are the main features of the fiberboard

Fire insulation: non - flammable a, the fire occurs when the fire will not burn, will not produce toxic smoke; low conductivity, is an ideal insulating material.
Waterproof and moisture-proof: in the semi open and high humidity environment, it can still maintain the stability of the performance, and will not sink or deform.
Heat insulation and sound insulation: low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation and insulation performance, high density of the product, sound insulation.
Light weight and high strength: the plate pressed by 5000 tons flat plate hydraulic press is not only high in strength, but also difficult to deformation and warp, and the weight is small, so it is suitable for roofing ceiling.
Construction is simple: dry operation mode, keel and plate installation construction is simple, fast speed. The products of deep processing also have the characteristics of simple construction and better performance.
Economical and beautiful: light weight, cooperating with keel, effectively reduce the cost of engineering and decoration, uniform appearance and smooth surface, and direct use can make the surface color of the building uniform.
Safe and harmless: lower than the national "standard of radiation protection for building materials", the measured indexes are equal to the lawn value of 20 meters outside the surrounding buildings.
Long life: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no damage to moisture or insect ants, and strength and hardness increase with time, ensuring long service life.
Processing and renovation of two good performance: sawing, drilling, carving, drilling nails, finishing, pasting tiles, wall and other materials according to the actual situation.