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How to maintain the fire protection board after the decoration

Fireproof board is a combination of thermosetting resin impregnated paper laminated plate of high pressure on the market, as long as the different types of fire prevention board fireproof plate surface texture of different colors, fire board with scratch resistant features easy to clean, also has good flame retardant and high temperature performance, walls and furniture display has been widely applied in the modern public Home Furnishing place the decoration. The color rich style is diverse, and durable can meet the needs of different users. However, the fire prevention board should also pay attention to the maintenance in the process of use, so that the service life is more durable. So today to talk to you about the maintenance of indoor fire prevention board:
1, the maintenance of fireproof boards is usually similar to that of painted ceiling. However, when maintaining, it is necessary to deal with the function and beauty of fireproof boards in accordance with the standard practice.
2, dust and fire should be treated with brush or vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner accessories should be selected for curtain wall and fire wall. It is necessary to clean in single direction, so as to prevent dust from rushing into the fire board.
3, dust cleaning, such as pencil marks, dirty stains, fire attached dirt, can be used to clean eraser art, also high-quality wall clean agent can be used to scrub, sponge in the water to try and squeeze dry scrubbing after cleaning with water or thin touch use cloth dipped in a small amount of wet sponge to get clean.
There is one more special in the indoor fire prevention board: the fireproof board for the cabinet
1, the cabinet and hand of the cupboard fire board are loose and abnormal, and should be adjusted in time or notify the manufacturer to repair it. Every time in the clean cabinet fireproof board sink, must remember the pipe of the filter box after the cleaning, to prevent grease accumulated more in the long time.
2, prevent the water from the surface of the table to soak to the cabinet of the cabinet, otherwise it will be deformed after a long time. If the long time accumulation of grease in the cabinet fireproof plate water tank, easy to clean, can be in the cabinet of fire prevention board tank cleaning agent to pour some oil and hot water washing.