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Four problems in the daily use of fire doors

The perlite fireproof door core board is mainly used for wood fire door. Steel fire door, burglarproof door, burglarproof door, door, door in the process of filling material. Magnesium Jiatu products are currently the most light plate, completely replace the wood construction and decoration materials, architectural decoration in fast, high strength, and is not due to the impact of water or steam, wet and rotten, is a kind of non toxicity, using inorganic mineralized materials composed of good environmental protection building materials. It is in accordance with the standard of the national standard of the national standard. Therefore, it is widely used in high-rise residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, commercial shopping centers, laboratories, factories, active rooms, hospitals, railway stations and dance halls. Household house, fireproof door, purge board special lining board and other partition wall. Ideal decorative materials for fireproof and waterproof of partition and ceiling.
Fire door core plate product features:
1. Natural environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, no radioactivity
2, non combustible, fire prevention, moisture proof and corrosion resistance
3. Convenient construction, light quality, high strength, heat insulation, sound absorption and good heat preservation
4. Tangent, planing, sawing, and carving
5, according to the national standard GB8624-2006A1 grade non burning standard. Light weight, high strength, aging, corrosion resistance
6, through the national standard GB/T20285-2006 tobacco poison (AQ1) safety first level environmental protection products