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Advantages of a glass magnesium compound wind pipe

The glass magnesium composite air duct has strong temperature adaptability: the glass magnesium composite air duct has wide temperature range, and it can be used at high and low temperature (-140 to 150 degrees). Unlike other composite pipes, it can only be used at 50 degree temperature.
Non combustibility of composite air duct: phenolic resin is the best fireproof material in organic polymer materials, and the phenolic foam sandwich panel made by it is the only composite sandwich panel with all indexes reaching fire grade A in China, which accords with the national standard for high-rise building fire protection. Some composite light insulation wind pipes, such as polyurethane composite aluminum foil wind pipe, are flammable, and fire droplets are produced when burning.
The performance advantage of glass magnesium composite duct should be reflected in the process of comparison, he and other products, such as compared with the traditional duct, the traditional central air conditioning air ducts usually the inner metal or glass steel, coated with insulation material, the outside foil winding, which makes air tube from major construction and installation, time-consuming, poor appearance, low energy consumption, high air tightness.
The first is environmental protection: phenolic foam uses fluorine free foaming, while polyurethane can escape a large amount of ODS in the foaming process, causing great damage to the ozone layer. Although the glass fiber does not escape from ODS, it will cause great harm to the health of the workers in the process of production.
It is also related to people's health: cyanide gas is produced when polyurethane is burning, and 2- methacryl aniline is detected in the combustion of composite fiberglass panel, which is a harmful substance. Although the inner surface of the composite fiberglass panel is coated with polypropylene, the glass fiber will inevitably pollute the air pipe in the processing engineering. If the scattered glass fiber falls to the room with the air supply, it will do harm to human health.
The application scope is wide: the glass magnesium composite air pipe can be widely applied to various industrial and civil buildings and other special requirements. Because the polyurethane is difficult to meet the fire requirements, the application scope is strictly limited. And the compound glass fiber board wind pipe in hospital, food processing plant, basement and other places with dust prevention requirements and high humidity places are also greatly restricted.