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The market prospect of the fire prevention board industry

With the China countries all over the world and more attention on the building fire, combustible organic board has strict restrictions on the use of wood in construction engineering, and gypsum board, calcium silicate board, inorganic fireproof board for not in strength, toughness, resistance to water, two times the processing performance to meet the requirements of the construction and application of the promotion have a certain resistance.
The dual advantages of organic and inorganic fireproof plate with plate plate, it is with a modified magnesite material as cementing material, for large sheet reinforced material with alkali or alkali glass fiber cloth, mainly used for building wall hanging, and other parts of the decoration of fire. This plate not only has the light and flexible and reprocessing properties of the wood organic plate, but also has the fire resistance and water resistance of the inorganic sheet. Many big projects in China have used glass and magnesium fireproof sheet in the decoration. After several years of application, it has been proved that the use effect is good and the quantity of this kind of plate is considerable.
Because the fire prevention board is a new product, some construction and production personnel have not yet mastered the production technology and construction technology, and some enterprises are driven by economic interests to make rough production and careless construction. The user of this product is bad, causing many accidents in the construction engineering, affected the development of fireproof board.
As long as the quality of the fireproof sheet is well controlled, the product has wide use, good performance and great potential for development. The products of some fireproofing plate factories in the south are exported to foreign countries. According to customs statistics, in recent years, the export fireproof plates are 1 billion yuan per year, and China's consumption is also increasing year by year, which shows that the product's development prospect is very optimistic.