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Construction and maintenance of Dongguan fire prevention board

The manufacturing process of fire prevention board, is made of advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper imports after impregnation, drying, high temperature and other processing steps made: firstly, the advanced imported decorative paper, kraft paper imports were impregnated in melamine resin and styrene resin Tsuen reactor, impregnation drying after a period of time respectively., and cut to size, then the water soaked decorative paper and a plurality of kraft paper (as the fire board with different thickness and) stacked together, placed under the press, at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (about 150 degrees Celsius) to high temperature, pressure of 1430 pounds per square inch, sustained and balanced the pressure for an hour, and then by trimming, sanding, quality inspection and other steps made.
Construction maintenance
When the plate is installed, the material must be made to a room temperature standard and maintain a stable temperature. The material shall not be installed at a place where the temperature is very different from that in the normal place.
The decorative panels and ceilings for fireproofing boards belong to interior decoration products. They are designed for general normal use space at 15 -30 C, and the relative humidity is not more than 70%. All the plaster, cement, grinding stone, or other dampness projects must be placed properly. Before or after installation, the heating ventilation and the cold air conditioning system must be installed and used in order to maintain normal temperature.
It is suggested that no thermal insulation materials be used to cover the ceiling or to support the insulation with the ceiling. In high relative humidity conditions, such as an additional weight of the ceiling, can cause the ceiling to sink. If the project does need such insulation material, it must be used for the normal working environment (temperature 15 -30, and relative humidity 70%). The weight limit of the insulation material is the highest, which should not exceed 1.269kg/m2, only the coil insulation material can be used. It must be installed vertically to the support point of the skeleton to support the weight of the insulation material.
The maintenance of fireproof board is similar to that of general painted ceiling. However, when it is in need of maintenance, it is necessary to deal with the ceiling's performance, effectiveness and beauty. Dust or loosen soil should be treated with brush or vacuum cleaner. The accessories of vacuum cleaner shall be made of curtain or cloth, and must be cleaned in a single direction, so as not to rub the dust into the surface of the ceiling. After cleaning the dust, such as lead wool printing, dirty stains, dirt or attachment using the general art net such as glue erase, wall cleaning of high quality sponge to wipe the water to try to squeeze dry, wipe after cleaning with water or thin cloth can be stained with a little wet sponge clean again.