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Dongguan Dongcheng Wanda Plaza fire protection project using my company JINTEMEI fire board construction quality recognition!

The Dongguan Dongcheng Wanda Plaza project covers an area of 122,900 m2, with a total built surface of approximately 550,000 m2, a floor area ratio of 3.23, and a building density of 48.46%. It is divided into three areas for ABC development. Area A is a large shopping mall, a pedestrian street, and a business hotel. Area B is an ultra-five-star hotel, Grade A office building; District C is a city luxury residence, residential floor business, and SOH0 office building. The urban complex of Wanda Plaza has almost all the functions of a modern city and goes beyond the significance of the building itself. With the magical charm of comprehensive operations, Wanda Plaza has created countless bustling city centers.