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The KFC Guangdong decoration fire protection project adopts the fire board construction of our company and the quality is recognized!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), or KFC for short, is one of the multinational chain restaurants in the United States, the world’s second largest fast food chain and the largest fried chicken chain company. Founded in 1952 by Colonel Harland (Colonel Harland) Founded by Sanders, it sells high-calorie fast foods such as fried chicken, hamburgers, fries, rice bowls, egg tarts, and soft drinks.
KFC is affiliated with Yum! China Holdings Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Yum! China") and its stock code is YUMC, which is Yum! Brands franchisee in mainland China owns exclusive rights for the KFC brand in mainland China
Yum! Brands is the world's largest restaurant group with more than 35,000 restaurant chains and more than 1 million employees in more than 110 countries and regions. Its subsidiaries include KFC, Pizza Hut, Little Sheep, Oriental White, Taco Bell, A&W, and Long John Silver's (LJS). They rank globally in the areas of chicken, pizza, hot pot, Chinese fast food, Mexican food, and seafood chain restaurants. one. In 2007, Yum Global’s turnover reached US billion, including direct sales and initial fee income.